EUROGIEuropean Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information
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The Australians, however, devote more attention to their regional bodies, like the Permanent Committee on Geographic Information for Asia and the Pacific (PCGIAP), which provides an alternative institutional model to EUROGI.
The GINIE project brings together three crucial sets of players: the national and pan-European GI associations represented by EUROGI, the European Commission, represented by its Joint Research Centre, and industry through the European arm of OGC.
OGC now has over twenty European members, and Michael Brand, president of EUROGI (European Umbrella Organization for Geographic Information) sits on OGC's Board of Directors.
EUROGI, the European Umbrella Organisation for Geographical Information was founded in 1993 as a European foundation and now has 21 members (16 National Associations and 6 pan-European Sectoral Organisations) with a mission to "promote, stimulate, encourage and support the development and use of Geographical Information and its associated technologies at the European level and to represent the common interest of the Geographical Information Community in Europe.