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EUNETEuropean Unix Network
EUNETEuropean Network for Education and Training eV (EU program; Bonn, Germany)
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If you're traveling primarily in North America and Europe, there's EUnet Traveller or an account with an ISP like CompuServe.
It has a 40 percent equity stake in EUnet Germany, the largest Internet access provider in that country, and in 1995 it purchased Unipalm PLC, the leading Internet provider in Europe.
create a test environment eunet review changes before deployment in the real system.
Established in 1985, Four Seasons has completed over 50 investments and 30 successful exits including Agresso, EUnet, Provida and Stepstone.
Exclude the results of operations for Eunet, which was contributed
Ortiz has put together a management team with over 100 years of combined telecoms and networking experience with pioneering technology businesses including Qwest, Carrier One, Lucent, EUnet, AT&T UK, Compuserve, Worldcom, IBM, MediaOne and GTS Europe.
1) Net earnings (loss) before non-recurring items excludes merger related charges incurred in conjunction with the LCI, EUnet, and Icon acquisitions and the loss on redemption of certain debt of the company in 1998, as well as merger related charges incurred in conjunction with the pending merger with U S WEST and the equity gain as a result of the KPNQwest Initial Public Offering in 1999.
The pro forma accounts for 1998 reflect the operational results of EUnet and Xlink, the companies contributed by Qwest Communications International Inc.
Schneider was the Co-Founder of EUNet Deutschland GmbH (now UUNET Deutschland GmbH), Germany's first commercial ISP and CEO of its majority shareholders.
We expect the Iberian Ring to generate new revenues by leveraging our existing Internet assets on the Iberian Peninsula, namely EUnet Spain and EUnet Portugal".
The profiled companies include: ARNES, BPT Telebank, Cesnet, Comstar, Contactel, DataNet, Demos, Elender Informatikai, Elvis-Telecom, EUnet, Eurotel Bratislava, EuroWeb, GTS, Internetia Telekom, Internet Partners, K2.
In March, AboveNet partnered with Albrecht Kraas, Michael Schneider and Andreas Schachtner, co-founders of EUNet Germany -- the forerunner of UUNET Germany -- to form AboveNet Deutschland GmbH.