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EVI-1Ecotropic Virus Integration Site-1
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EVI-1, EVI-2, EVI-3 and EVI-4 (10-300 [micro]g/ml), but not EVI-5 even at the highest concentration of 100 [micro]g/ml, suppressed O[H.
dot]] were obtained at concentrations more than 10 [micro]g/ml for EVI-1 and EVI-4, and 30 [micro]g/ml for EVI-2, and EVI-3 (Dunnett's multiple comparison test).
Treatment of the cells with EVI-1, EVI-2 and EVI-4 (all 300 [micro]g/ml) suppressed the PMA-induced [O.
However, each component of eviprostat at the equivalent dose to EVIs at 1350 mg/kg (that is, EVI-1 at 37.