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EVI1Ecotropic Virus Integration 1 (gene)
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Several of them are oncogenes, such as the BCL2, MYB, EVI1, TCL1B, and RUNX1 genes.
ABCC1 a-f BCL2 a-b BCL2L11 a-d CDNK2B a-b DOK1 a-b EVI1 a-b KITLG a-b MAP4K4 a-d MYB a-d NPM1 a-b PTK2B a-c RUNX1 a-d RUNX1T1 a-b SEPT6 a-d TCL1B a-b WT1 a-d ZBTB16 a-b ZNF198 a-c ZNFN1A1 a-g Table 1.