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EVIAInternational Workshop on Evaluating Information Access
EVIAEthnomusicological Video for Instruction and Analysis
EVIAEstes Valley Improvement Association (Estes Park, CO, USA)
EVIAElectric Vehicle Industry Association
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Mavrokountoura of Kymi is the ancient variety of Evia and is a clone of the Aegean Mandilaria whose grapes are small and dark with velvet tannins.
By using license plate photo, Evia scours millions of records to verify personal information and driving history in order to deliver policy quotes and recommendations via text message.
EVIA operates globally and, for 2014 the consolidated revenue of EVIA and its affiliated businesses and licensees was approximately CDN 28m and CDN 9m of EBITDA (Unaudited).
A number of correlative relationship decreases considerably, relationship is seen only between the indicators of visual acuity and EVIA.
To a certain degree, I wanted to forget about my Mexican heritage," Evia says, until a situation arose that forced him to face issues of discrimination.
Consciente de las insuficiencias cartograficas que dificultaban la navegacion y atento a las incursiones de los colonos norteamericanos a traves del Mississippi y de otros cauces fluviales de la zona, Galvez decidio destinar al piloto Jose de Evia a levantar planos del arco del amplio golfo desde Tampico a Florida a fin de completar los trabajos que, tres lustros antes y solamente desde Veracruz a Tampico, habia realizado Sebastian Canel a las ordenes de Antonio de Ulloa bajo el estimulo del virrey Bucareli.
The latest BIOTRONIK cardiac resynchronization devices, the Lumax 740 HF-T and Evia HF-T are the world's first CRT-D and CRT-P devices on the market approved for MR scans due to BIOTRONIK's innovative ProMRI(r) technology.
th 0, 0, M Ful FNa San Spo Evia LAST NIGHT Scottish Premier League - Hearts 0, Motherwell 1.
It brought in notable names included Australia's Evia Va Voom, international artists Darkteaser and FooFooLabelle, and prominent performers on the UK scene such as Miss Betty Blue Eyes, Gemma Sheree, Lilly Laudanum, Lucy Purr and Lou-Leigh Blue.
Rafael Cobos, Lillian Fernandez, Francoise Garibay, Veronica Garcia, Ena Evia, Wilderman Villegas, Juan J.
Initiated through conversations between ethnomusicologists Ruth Stone of Indiana University and Lester Monts of the University of Michigan on the need to preserve video recordings of their fieldwork in Africa, the EVIA Digital Archive project has sought to be much more than a mere presentation of searchable content, and its founders have attempted to create a structure where issues of preservation, documentation, and effective teaching tools are the main subjects rather than the means to an end.
47) This is the challenge that Gudynas and Evia try to face head on and develop for their Latin American companions and readers.