EVICEthernet Virtual Interface Concentrator
EVICElectronic Vehicle Information Center
EVICEarly Voting Information Center (Reed College; Portland, OR)
EVICEaton Vance Investment Counsel (Boston, MA)
EVICElectronic Valve Internal Combustion (engine design)
EVICEmployer Verification of Insurance Coverage (Wisconsin)
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The EVIC report has been drafted under a project funded with EU money from Operational Program "Human Resource Development"
It was presented by Zhechko Dimitrov, a program director at BIA, Iliya Levkov, chair of EVIC, and Ivan Neykov, chair of the Balkan Labor and Social Policy Institute.
According to EVIC, only a handful of countries in the world in addition to Bulgaria, such as the USA and Italy, have the experience and capacities for the industrial conversion of conventional cars into electric vehicles.
With a number of initiatives in an early stage, EVIC Chair Iliya Levkov expects decent results from Bulgaria's electric car industry in the near future a some 15 000 conventional cars are supposed to be converted by the end of 2012, in addition to hundreds of new electric vehicles.
This sector should be the number one priority in government economic policies because we have the chance to make it happen right here, right now," EVIC Chair Levkov states with optimism.
I am delighted to say that occupancy levels have been above expectations and EVIC is clearly fulfilling a requirement for high quality business accommodation.
The key has been that EVIC was set up with growing businesses in mind.
EVIC is an entity that unites several Bulgarian major producers of electric vehicles, solar batteries, and chargers for electric cars, as well as developers from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
Andy Morris of UK Steel Enterprise, which owns and runs EVIC, said: "We were able to help the company launch, with the aid of a kick-start grant, working in conjunction with Blaenau Gwent Council.