EVJEquine Veterinary Journal
EVJEaton Vance New Jersey Municipal Income Trust
EVJEast Valley Juniors (Gilbert, AZ)
EVJÉquipe Voile Jeunes (French: Youth Sailing Team)
EVJEnsemble Vocal Jurassien (Swiss vocal ensemble)
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The worldwide research interest in the subject is illustrated by a number of other papers due to appear in the November or January issues of EVJ.
The first PLS factor had relatively high negative Z-loadings for environmental variables EVD, EVJ, EVF, EVM, and MTD (Table 5) and relatively high positive Z-loadings for mTUF, mTF, mTD, mTM, MTA and PRF.
The FR model showed that environmental variables, mTF, mTUF, EVD, MTA, MTF, EVJ, mTUM, mTM, and EVF, were important in explaining year x treatment interaction; these variables also had the highest R2 values for the addition to the AMMI biplot (Table 2).
The year 1995 can be further characterized as being low in mTJ, mTUA, mTA, EVD, MTD, EVF, and EVJ.
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