EVMWDElsinore Valley Municipal Water District (California)
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CLPOA disagrees, and believes that because of the time that these structures have been in place, the owners have a perpetual license that cannot be revoked by EVMWD.
CLPOA] has overpaid under the lease and has informed EVMWD of this fact.
Currently, EVMWD does not have the ability to take away CLPOA members' boating rights or use of the shore zone, as it will take an order from a judge to make that happen.
In addition, EVMWD made a promise to maintain the lake level at 1375 feet.
Due to an indemnity provision within the lease that EVMWD is unwilling to amend or remove, if a homeowner were to sue EVMWD including for failure to maintain the lake level, CLPOA would be held financially responsible for the defense of EVMWD.
To enhance its operational efficiency, EVMWD will use the Lawson applications to create one consolidated business system and eliminate duplicate data entry.
EVMWD will begin implementation of the Lawson applications this month and expects to complete the rollout by August 2008.