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EVOHEthylene Vinyl Alcohol Polymer (chemical industry)
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For the EVOH barrier layer, the crystallinity percentage remained steady after processing and during storage.
Browse 93 market data tables with 54 figures across 142 pages and in-depth TOC on Barrier Materials Market by Type (PVDC, EVOH, PEN and Others), by End-Use Industry (Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Agriculture, and Others) - Global Forecast to 2020"
During film processing, the EVOH layer is positioned as the middle layer, and PP, which has excellent high water barrier properties, is made of the outer layer in a typical three-layer film.
For the multi-layer foil (PET/EVOH/PP) the water vapor permeability value is situated at an average level due to the EVOH layer.
The process is based on the coinjection used by Kortec to mould PET bottle preforms and injects the EVOH barrier layer into the cap in a single cycle, with no time penalty over mono-layer injection.
Humidity--At high humidity levels, the barrier provided by EVOH drops rapidly.
The EVOH copolymer is used as a wrapping material for foods, among other applications.
New market development with new technology is our mission as a pioneer of EVOH resin.
A thin EVOH layer has the capability to reduce dramatically the permeability of membranes to gases of all kinds and provide to the geomembrane excellent gas barrier characteristics.
EVOH has been used as a barrier layer in blends, and the correlation between morphology and gasbarrier properties has been studied.
The EVOH barrier layer prevents oxygen ingress to deliver a long shelf life for oxygen sensitive foods.
The biocontainers exceptional EVOH gas barrier and its inherent purity help mitigate the risk of degradation of process solutions and APIs stored and processed in the biocontainers.