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EVPLEvansville Vanderburgh Public Library (Evansville, Indiana)
EVPLEthernet Virtual Private Line (data service)
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The ETX-203A intelligent demarcation device supports MEF-9 and MEF-14 certified services for EPL and EVPL.
For information about EVPL Silver availability, pricing, ordering capabilities and more, please contact Lisa Partridge (614) 717-0272 or email CarrierRequest@ftr.
1 Gigabit-per-second (Gbps) Ethernet Virtual Private Line at its main campus in Camden that is the central hub site for an EVPL service connecting remote sites with significant capacity to add more locations over time.
0 Certification for all of its fibre-based business Ethernet services (EPL, EVPL and VPLS).
EVPL, VPLS and Ethernet Access products are made available using Verizon's Converged Packet Architecture (CPA) infrastructure.
The firm's fibre services consist of SkyVision Internet Transit, SkyVision IP-VPN and SkyVision EVPL.
This Ethernet-centric, highly-scalable access and aggregation solution supports MEF-compliant EPL, EVPL, Access EPL and Access EVPL services supporting advanced traffic management with guaranteed bandwidth from 1Mbps to 10Gbps ensuring sub-50ms service protection and Y.
Metro Switched Ethernet Services Revenue Breakdown by EVPL vs EVP-LAN,
and multinational companies with locations in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan to have access to Verizon Business EVPL International as a standard service and also may enable such companies to connect within their respective regions, Frost & Sullivan noted.
By using Level 3's EVPL and DIA services, TCS now has a reliable and secure communication infrastructure, enabling the company to concentrate on its core business.
Integra Telecom is pleased to begin providing EPL and EVPL services to the wholesale market," said Brian Lippold, executive vice president and chief operating officer for Integra Telecom's wholesale and national accounts division.
It also forecasts EPL, EVPL, and VPLS revenue for the same time frame.