EVPNEnhanced Virtual Private Network
EVPNEthernet Virtual Private Network
EVPNEmbedded Virtual Private Network (computer networking)
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EVPN solutions are a robust, scalable and cost-effective way to address federal agencies' growing bandwidth demands while increasing overall network performance.
In 2006, AT&T upgraded more than 3,000 fully managed EVPN sites as part of a widespread USPS-Enterprise Site Upgrade initiative.
Nexus 9000 support for the BGP EVPN protocol offers customers a choice of deployment options to achieve operational flexibility and paves the way for integration with third party overlay controllers.
Both Online Office and EVPN utilizecan communicate with each other.
The combination of GRICtraveler corporate remote access service with our RiverWorks EVPN solutions delivers a powerful 'plug and play' solution for global remote access," said Dave Zwicker, vice president of marketing at Indus River Networks.
This is an ideal forum to educate prospective VPN users on the features and benefits that Indus River's RiverWorks EVPN has to offer.
Indus River's RiverWorks EVPN solution will be featured in the conference's Technology Demo Showcase.
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EVPN provides fully managed, cost-effective, wide area networks that enable businesses to securely communicate between corporate offices and with business partners and customers.
The new features strengthen the flexibility of Concentric EVPN -- a secure, reliable, high-performance IP-based wide-area network service -- providing small- and medium-sized businesses with control features that only large corporations could afford until now.
An initial seven-site dedicated access EVPN and 60-day trial of RemoteLink(TM) will now roll out nationwide, to support access for mobile workers, telecommuters, and remote offices.
The EVPN is the centerpiece of Concentric Network's comprehensive line of virtual private network solutions and services.