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EVREnhanced Video Renderer
EVREnhanced Vapor Recovery
EVRElectronic Video Recording
EVREligibility Verification Reports (US VA)
EVREquine Viral Rhinopneumonitis
EVRExtravehicular Robotics
EVRExpanded Virtual Register
EVRExudative Vitreoretinopathy, Familial, Autosomal Dominant
EVREläinten Vapautus Rintama (Finnish: Animal Liberation Front)
EVREndo Vascular Repair
EVREstate Valuation Report
EVRElectronic Visit Record (health care technology)
EVRErosional Velocity Ratio
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He will be responsible for helping EVR further expand its complement of client services and continue to grow as one of the leading full-service agencies in the region.
Eight long seconds after Jody's call, he found the EVR he was looking for.
Both EVR and SVR are makers of a drug's efficacy as an HCV treatment: EVR is measured by detectable HCV RNA at week 4, but undetectable HCV RNA at week 12, maintained to the end of treatment; SVR is measured by undetectable HCV RNA 24 weeks after the end of treatment.
We are thrilled to have installed the first fully functional EVR system in Latin America.
Estonian Railways' cargo transport subsidiary, EVR Cargo AS, is also expected to soon conclude a similar contract for use of the infrastructure.
Failure to achieve EVR after 12 weeks should result in cessation of therapy as it is unlikely that the patient will reach SVR with continued administration of antivirals.
The nozzles and other EVR equipment cost about $11,000 a pump, or roughly $75,000 a station - costs expected to be passed on to motorists with a 1cent-per-gallon increase.
In Step 3, people who did have an EVR at week 12 took pegylated interferon plus weight-based ribavirin for another 60 weeks.
DVLA's auction manager Damian Lawson said: "Football supporters love to show their allegiance with personalised number plates and we hope EVR 7ON will be bought by a dyed-in-the-wool supporter.
Isuzu Truck of America's Class 7 EVR single-axle city tractor is capable of hauling up to 60,000 lbs.
Featuring a one-of-a-kind glass DJ booth, and a customized VIP table experience, EVR will integrate the patron into all elements of the party.
com)-- Nationally acclaimed Midtown destination, EVR, is ecstatic to announce the appointment of celebrity chef, Culinary Bad Boy, Chris Nirschel, as the kitchen lead for the unique destination's exciting new lunch operation to commence on Monday, May 4th.