EVRCEnhanced Variable Rate Codec (Relaxation Code Excited Linear Prediction, RCELP algorithm)
EVRCEastern Volunteer Resource Centre (est. 1976; Australia)
EVRCEarthquake Vulnerability Reduction for Cities (seminar)
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The volunteers who will be running the EVRC must be trained and exercised regularly, and should have personal disaster preparedness plans.
as the EVRC and EVRC-B vocoders in consumer handsets gives network
7xx, narrow and wide-band AMR, EVRC, noise reduction, beam-forming, and speech recognition.
Designed to enable wireless infrastructure developers to quickly add adaptive rate GSM-AMR or EVRC voice coders to their existing and next-generation networks, the transcoders use T1/E1 connections or the industry standard H.
729A/B, GSM (EFR, FR and HR), AMR (Narrowband and Wideband), EVRC, EVRCB, EVRC-C, iLBC, Speex, SpeexWB, RFC 2833, and user-defined codecs for voice and tones.
The IMMS also introduces two new features: integrated 3G-324M support and EVRC audio codec support for CDMA-2000 and EVDO networks.
To enable telecom carriers to incorporate wideband codec, OKI became first in the industry to incorporate in its SBC, next-generation wideband codecs for mobile networks (AMR-WB and EVRC RevB), in addition to G.
The modem works through many of the standard vocoders implemented in cellular networks (AMR, GSM-FR, GSM-HR, GSM-EFR, EVRC, EVRC-B) and on a wide variety of chipsets.
The G9's ability to support EVRC over IP allows Remote Transcoder Operation (RTO) throughout the Cricket network.
Moreover, also helps in giving backings of several range of industry standard codecs like AMR, AMR-WB, EVRC and more.
Other features and functions include two-way Short Messaging Service (SMS) capabilities; simple and mobile IP; CDMA UDP Passive Server; TCP/IP protocol stack; AT command interface; socket interface, dual UARTs; analog audio; GPS and RF connectors; high-speed packet and circuit-switched data; and support for both 13k QCELP and EVRC vocoders.
Support includes AMR, GSM-EFR, and GSM-FR for GSM, EVRC, QCELP 8k/13k for CDMA, and ITU G.