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EVTEventueel (Danish: Maybe)
EVTEvanston (Amtrak station code; Evanston, IL)
EVTExtreme Value Theory (prediction tool for extrapolation of trend graphs)
EVTElectrically Variable Transmission
EVTEvent File
EVTElectric Variable Transmission (mechanics)
EVTEmergency Vehicle Technician
EVTEndovascular Treatment
EVTEmpresa de Viação Terceirense (Portuguese transportation company)
EVTEspace Vectoriel Topologique (French: Topological Vector Space; mathematics)
EVTEmbedded Visual Tools
EVTErstverkaufstag (German)
EVTÉcole de Voile de Trébeurden (French sailing school)
EVTEnterprise Vocabulary Team (US Air Force)
EVTExtravehicular Transfer (US NASA)
EVTEngineering Verification Test
EVTEmergency Visitation Travel
EVTEi Voi Tietää (Finnish: How Am I Supposed to Know)
EVTExpectancy Violations Theory (communication theory)
EVTEaton VORAD Technologies, LLC (Galesburg, Michigan)
EVTExpect Vector to ...
EVTEvaluation, Validation and Testing
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Patients were classified into IV rt-PA group or EVT (including IV rt-PA bridging EVT) group according to their recanalization treatment methods, and they were also divided into END or non-END subgroup according to their early neurological status.
EVT offers with its EyeCheck Thermo intelligent smart camera as a suitable instrument for such applications.
Secondly, respect to the important properties of loss distribution of most financial data that it has time-varying volatilities and fat-tailed distribution, we employ a two stage approach of EVT which was originally proposed by McNeil and Frey (2000) to estimate dynamic value at risk.
In conjunction, the EndoMAXX EVT stent has a unique tricuspid valve designed to simulate the natural valve at the gastroesophageal junction, the only esophageal stent of its kind.
In the EVT, the block maxima method (BMM) is a traditional model ("as discussed by Rivas et al.
Nicholas Collins from Optima Low Vision Services offered a practical introduction to visual assessment, explaining when EVT and SES is likely to be most successful for the patient, and how this can be presented to them.
There have been other studies using EVT following previous stock markets crashes and periods of high volatility in the developed as well as the emerging markets.
EVT 302 compound targets monoamine oxidase type B, or MAO-B, an enzyme that breaks down dopamine in the brain and contributes to the production of free radicals, which may contribute to the spread of the disease.
Sobre valores do trabalho existem duas escalas brasileiras: o Inventario de Significado do Trabalho (Borges, 1999) e a EVT (Porto & Tamayo, 2003).
The EVT (Engineering Verification Test) is where the real design genius lies, especially when it comes to system design.
Evotec AG (Frankfurt:EVT) (Nasdaq:EVTC), Hamburg, Germany, has announced the results of a Phase II proof-of-concept study investigating the potential of EVT 302, a reversible and highly selective inhibitor of monoamine oxidase B (MAO-B), as an aid to smoking cessation.