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EWTDEuropean Work Time Directive
EWTDElectronic Warfare Training Device
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Ireland and Greece are the only EU countries that have not fully implemented the EWTD.
Dr Glenn Russell, medical director at Liverpool Heart and Chest hospital, said:"There is no doubt that the EWTD has increased the need for locum cover for junior doctors.
mobile Dr Glenn Russell, Medical Director at Liverpool heart and Chest, said: "There is no doubt that the EWTD has increased the need for locum cover for junior doctors.
Dr Goddard, who led the study, said it showed the impact EWTD rotas were having on trainees, including limiting the time they can spend learning.
The EWTD was enacted into UK law in 1998 as a measure of protecting the health and safety of workers.
But many remain unconvinced the EWTD has achieved these objectives and some even go so far as to argue that it has reduced training opportunities for doctors, worsened the quality of training available and even increased the risk to patients.
It's true that they are being economical with the truth, but it's because they think reduced hours, in line with the EWTD, is bad for patient care and it's also bad for their training.
Initial reviews of EWTD suggest junior doctors are missing out on training opportunities following the change in working hours.
The surge in concerns comes against the background of the EWTD, the introduction of the Medical Training Application Service (MTAS) and the ongoing problems persuading junior doctors to continue their training in Wales.
Under the EWTD, junior doctors are allowed to work no more than 56 hours per week on average and from 2009 this will reduce to 48 hours.
Compliance with the EWTD, quality of care and patient safety are our overriding objective.