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EXAFSExtended X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure
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3] on Si as an example to demonstrate that combining EXAFS, XANES, and synchrotron-based x-ray diffraction provides a very efficient means of identifying the details of structural distortions, even in very thin layers.
Measurements of the structural parameters for the interaction of uranium(VI) with natural and synthetic humic acids using EXAFS // Radiochim.
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2003): Local structural information of Cs in smectite hydrates by means of an EXAFS study and molecular dynamics simulations.
Ten of the 18 papers discuss highly efficient titanium oxide-based photofunctional materials, the application of EXAFS to molten salts and ionic liquid technology, the preparation of skeletal catalysts and porous aluminophosphates, and control of metal catalyst deactivation.
The FAC recommended that two new beamlines be built (an extra IR beamline, and a dedicated EXAFS line); and recommended that the seven beamlines 1-7 (Table 1) be built.
IR, NMR, Raman, EXAFS, Mossbauer) can reveal the three-dimensional short-range structural environment (chemical bonds) of each atom in the structure.
They go by names like GIXS, EXAFS, and SXS--a Scrabble player's dream, if only acronyms were allowed.
2005, Mercury adsorption by montmorillonite and vermiculite: a combined XRD, TH-MS, and EXAFS study.
Sery A, Manceau A, Greaves GN (1996) Chemical state of cadmium in apatite phosphate ores as determined by EXAFS spectroscopy.
sites in an Ag-Y zeolite: a combined anomalous XRPD and EXAFS study, ESRF Newslett.