EXBSUS Export Control and Related Border Security Assistance
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and become Directors of EXBS upon completion of the acquisition.
as a wholly-owned subsidiary of EXBS will allow us to reach new levels in our business and allow us to expand the number of extreme athletes we sponsor both inside Mixed Martial Arts and outside of it.
Kargov assessed that the equipment and the knowledge and skills gained through the EXBS program lately enabled detection, namely prevention of many cases of illicit trade.
FGM's President and CEO, Scott Gessay, said: "We're excited at the opportunity to continue to provide support to the EXBS program and its mission of international counter-proliferation through the development and implementation of the Tracker strategic trade control system.
controls that meet international standards, EXBS leverages its funding
EXBS Assistance surely increased BP and ITA's ability to detect and interdict contraband, including narcotics.
DEA, ICITAP, and EXBS training and cooperation have helped lead to several seizures and more effective prosecutions of drug crimes
EXBS Assistance Program to increase its ability to monitor the flow of goods and persons across its borders through enhancing border security infrastructure.
In 2010, the INL-ICITAP and EXBS programs will continue to train and advise Croatian law enforcement personnel on counternarcotics activities Resident advisors will continue to assist the Ministry of Interior and Office for Suppression of Organized Crime and Corruption (USKOK) in improving police and prosecutor cooperation in complex narcotics and organized crime cases and plan to assist Croatian police and prosecutors in planning and conducting reverse sting operations and prosecutions.
EXBS training and assistance efforts, while aimed at the nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their delivery systems, directly enhanced Azerbaijan's ability to control its borders and to interdict contraband, including narcotics.
S agencies in Montenegro, including RLA, ICITAP, EXBS, and DEA.
Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has supported USG efforts to strengthen Jordan's border security capabilities through the EXBS program and customs capacity building.