EXEVALExternal Evaluation
EXEVALExercise Evaluation
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A CPX--F is an essential progressive training event for achieving staff proficiencies and properly prepares units for EXEVAL and subsequent deployments.
The EXEVAL provided the platoons with the opportunity to immerse themselves into maneuver battalion operations.
Following the EXEVAL, the opportunity to work with CCMRF and the integrated operations of FEMA, CBIRF, and JTF 781 as part of Operation Integration has underscored the importance of collective capabilities and the mantra of "One Team--One Fight.
Sixteen of the seventeen CERFPs nationwide have conducted EXEVALs and are certified by their state adjutants general as fully capable of providing search and technical extraction, mass decontamination, and medical triage operations to save lives.
Planning and conducting intense training for an MSB EXEVAL is nearly impossible because MSB personnel are constantly on the move providing support to the forward support battalion or to a combat maneuver training center.
The training plan for an MSB to conduct an EXEVAL must be strenuous enough to validate all battalion systems before the exercise.
The training before the EXEVAL must be focused on three areas.
This training is extensive and must be started early to acquire proficiency by the start of the EXEVAL.
The 123d conducted its EXEVAL at the Mainz Sand Dunes in Mainz-Gonsenheim, Germany.
In this way, the battalion was able to move every vehicle in its motor pool but left wheeled assets behind so it could continue rear support missions during the EXEVAL.
Cadre proficiency is measured in performance of these collective tasks during the Squad EXEVAL and provides a real assessment of training rather than the statistics used in the past.