EXFEasy Fax
EXFExif Format File
EXFExchange File
EXFExhaust Fan
EXFExternal Fire
EXFEuskal Xake Federakuntza (Basque: Basque Chess Federation; Spain)
EXFStandard Extract Format
EXFException Fill
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Mr Moss set his record at Boscombe Down in Wiltshire in a prototype MG EXF car in October 1999.
Ken Moss, 41, carried out the feat in a single seater MG EXF on the main runway at the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, Boscombe Down, Wiltshire.
EXF 44, 59, and 78 each possess alleles for resistance at the four major SDS QTL, while ExF 18 and 83 each carry the four loci with alleles for SDS sensitivity (Hnetkovsky et al.