EXFORExperimental Force
EXFORExchange Format (for experimental nuclear reaction data)
EXFORExercise Force
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Table 1 tabulated available measuring energy with different ranges for different authors [21-31] with corresponding cross section and their errors are recorded in EXFOR library for fast neutron collected for Zr(A=90 and 96) target elements for (n,2n) reaction.
Figure 1 illustrate the recommended cross sections for the above mentioned reactions as calculated in the present work compared with EXFOR library.
The EXFOR is a Brigade Combat Team (BCT) built around the 1st Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division (Mech.
The EXFOR experimented with 72 different initiatives (including operational concepts and equipment prototypes) during the AWE.
Of course, the effectiveness of the EXFOR at cross-cuing UAVs with scattered SIGINT assets, then fusing the disparate data in systems like the new Common Ground Station, may prove so seamless that it actually undermines the need to have the EW sensor aboard the aircraft - at least in the US.
COMINT also served the EXFOR several tactical victories.
During the AWE, however, the EXFOR brigade quickly discovered the utility of keeping the IEWCS's "eyes on" the larger enemy attitude, using cross-cuing to hand off specific targeting functions to other assets.
with the 1lth Armored Cavalry Regiment Soldiers serving as the EXFOR.
Some of the equipment tested by the EXFOR included: Class I Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Cost Effective Targeting Systems (CETS), Airborne Retransmission Platforms, Unmanned Ground Systems, dismounted Soldier communications/GPS tracking, and Mobile Command and Control (MC2) software.
Subsequent experiments will take place over the next three years, integrating improvements in C4ISR technology and incorporating recommendations of the EXFOR users.
While the support of our tenant units may still be necessary to meet some requirements, the EXFOR platoon--which is intended to eventually expand into a 160-Soldier fully equipped company--will provide a reliable, experienced means of executing the assessments and evaluations that innovation and progress demand.
Last January, EXFOR 2002 was the first major show at Montreal's Palais des Congres to take advantage of the newly expanded facilities available during the first phases of a C$ 240 million (US$ 155 million) expansion and modernization project sponsored by the Canadian government.