EXFORExperimental Force
EXFORExchange Format (for experimental nuclear reaction data)
EXFORExercise Force
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The EXFOR experimented with 72 different initiatives (including operational concepts and equipment prototypes) during the AWE.
Digitizing and equipping the EXFOR for the TF XXI AWE was a monumental effort.
Equipping the EXFOR for the TF XXI experiment required streamlining the acquisition and fielding process.
Several insights have emerged from EXFOR training--up exercises and earlier digital experiments.
Some of the equipment tested by the EXFOR included: Class I Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Cost Effective Targeting Systems (CETS), Airborne Retransmission Platforms, Unmanned Ground Systems, dismounted Soldier communications/GPS tracking, and Mobile Command and Control (MC2) software.
Subsequent experiments will take place over the next three years, integrating improvements in C4ISR technology and incorporating recommendations of the EXFOR users.
While the support of our tenant units may still be necessary to meet some requirements, the EXFOR platoon--which is intended to eventually expand into a 160-Soldier fully equipped company--will provide a reliable, experienced means of executing the assessments and evaluations that innovation and progress demand.
The Army's first EXFOR platoon hit the ground running.
The EXFOR and Soldier Battle Laboratory will draw upon a wide array of internal and external assets in carrying out their missions.
EXFOR will enable us to assess and evaluate emerging initiatives as we continue the transformation of the Army.
Last January, EXFOR 2002 was the first major show at Montreal's Palais des Congres to take advantage of the newly expanded facilities available during the first phases of a C$ 240 million (US$ 155 million) expansion and modernization project sponsored by the Canadian government.
Admittance to EXFOR 2003 is free; attendees are only required to fill in a registration form on site.