EXNThe Exploration Network
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In seeking to add EXN to POSIT we will be able to give all clients a single and enhanced liquidity pool and access to ITG Europe's professional trading desk and other tools and services.
A deal with EXN will give ITG Europe access to new client relationships.
Combining the liquidity pool of EXN with the global leader ITG will provide a highly attractive crossing venue for all professional investors.
Municipal Regulation Officer, Rehman Khattak will the chairman of the committee while the members will include Zafar Rehman Khattak and EXN INSBA will be members of the said committee.
6 million in collusion with project director Abdul Ghani, Malik Ahmad Yar, EXN, Muhammad Awais, sub-engineer, and resident engineer Omar Farooq of University of Sargodha without completion of work.
On this occasion, Special Secretary, Health, Akbar Khan, Director General, Sharif Gul, Sher Gul of (P&D, Superintendent Engineer (SE) C&W, Kabir Khan, EXN, Munir Hussein and SDO Mohammad Shah were also present.
Besides, Secretary Communication and Works (C&W), Zahid Arif and EXN Fazal Karim other concerned officials also accompanied the Speaker.
PD Naseem Golra, Chief Engineer, Irrigation, Mohammad Riaz, Consultant Iqbal Shah and EXN Irrigation Warsak Canal, Mohammad Sohail Khan.
He directed the EXN local government to submit a report to him within two days but even after the passage of 40 days the report could not be completed.