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The Easter exodus has done me even better than I dared to hope.
The learned professor assumes that while a long-continued war had strengthened rather than weakened the instinct of paternal devotion, it had also dulled other humanitarian instincts, and raised to the first magnitude the law of the survival of the fittest, with the result that when the exodus took place the strong, the intelligent, and the cunning, together with their offspring, crossed the waters of the Channel or the North Sea to the continent, leaving in unhappy England only the helpless inmates of asylums for the feebleminded and insane.
the dinner-bell of the House' because his rising to speak was a signal for a general exodus of the other members.
The hour was half-past ten in the evening; the day, the second day after the exodus of Nutty Boyd from the farm.
It is illegal for any Director, officer or employee of Exodus Communications, Inc.
Working with Exodus will enable us to provide our customers with production-quality deployment capabilities to run their business-critical Web applications.
The complaint filed by Cohen Milstein alleges that defendants Exodus and certain of its officers and directors issued false and misleading statements concerning its business and financial condition.
We look forward to working with Exodus to deliver high-performance, business solutions to our customers.
Stull, Stull & Brody announced that it has filed a class action complaint on behalf of all persons who acquired Exodus Communications, Inc.
Note to Editors: Exodus Communications, Exodus are trademarks of Exodus Communications, Inc.
The complaint asserts claims against defendants Exodus, Ellen M.
Exodus Communications is the leading provider of complex Internet hosting for enterprises with mission-critical Internet operations.