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Muscat: Almost three-quarters of expats in Oman saw an increase in their disposable income as a result of moving into the Sultanate, a survey from HSBC reveals.
That can be difficult but shouldn't be impossible -- no matter where your expat journey takes you; detailed planning and professional advice can help you to prosper abroad.
Gulf employers tend to be more generous with accommodation allowances for expat professionals, according to the HSBC survey findings.
Add to this, the Doha Bank Expat Package comes along with an instant, low interest bearing personal loan offer to meet the customers' personal expenditure requirements in Qatar with automatic repayments spread over 48 months.
The expat votes can be the final determining factor for parties at the edge of the electoral threshold or in swing cities, considering the expat votes are distributed to the entire country based on the electoral chairs each city holds in the congress.
Nearly two-thirds (65pc) of expat parents believe their offspring enjoy a higher quality of life in the country.
If a metaphor is allowed: Like a spacecraft, abandoning loneliness may be the actual "lift-off" for an expat toward better integration and the point where they really feel comfortable abroad.
Bahrain outshined other countries on the annual Expat Insider 2015, including the UAE (19), Oman (24), Qatar (54), India (55), Mozambique (56), Brazil (57), Italy (58) and Kazakhstan (59).
The vote's outcome could have a real impact on British expats living in other EU countries -- but the close ties between Britain and Cyprus should limit the damage, experts say.
Expats achieve more than they predicted by moving overseas.
21 regulating the transfer of employment, arguing that by 'monopolising' the skills and talent of employees, expats end up working in other neighbouring countries and Qatar misses the opportunity to utilise such talent and skills.
I think I snapped or I am having a mid-life expat crisis.