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EXPORTExtended X-Protocol for Office-Related Technology
EXPORTExcellence in Partnerships for community Outreach, Research and Training
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A tiny exchange, with ten wires, was promptly started in London; and on April 2d, 1879, Theodore Vail, the young manager of the Bell Company, sent an order to the factory in Boston, "Please make one hundred hand telephones for export trade as early as possible.
The dominating export was palm oil ($516 million), followed far behind by cereal preparations ($96 million), other food preparations ($67 million) and cigarettes ($46 million).
The majority of developing countries are dependent on primary commodities for export revenues and, of the 141 developing countries, 95 depend on primary commodities for at least 50 percent of their export earnings, analysts said.
This year's first quarter provisional export growth is led by fisheries, agricultural and industrial exports.
With exporters in Dubai continuing to penetrate new markets and diversify their product range, the export sector could perform better, Dubai Exports said.
person, goods which were substantially identical to such property and which were not manufactured, produced, grown, or extracted in the United States" subsidized contracts qualify for export benefits; see Pegs.
exporters accounting for nearly $630 billion in exports or almost 87 percent of the total export value.
In a nutshell, the BIS propagates and administers the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) which cover "dual-use exports.
According to the Brazilian Furniture Industry Association (Abimovel), Brazil will export $1 billion in 2005.
Its Guangzhou export-only plant is planned to start operation in 2005, with exports of 100,000 predicted by 2010.
Countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium have made export to China a mainstay of their business portfolio, and, similar to the United States in the early '90s, domestic mills have awakened to the reality that export is here to stay.
Having found alternative sources of low-cost drugs, she sought to create an export business bringing similar benefits to others.