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EXWEx Works
EXWExercise and Wellness (various locations)
EXWExtinct in the Wild (conservation status)
EXWExpeditionary Warfare
EXWExpeditionary Warfare (US Navy)
EXWExplosion Welding
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The lesson learned in this example is EXW is not suitable for international shipments.
27% EXW (Ex Works) El comprador es responsable de la autorizacion de exportacion de las mercancias en Estados Unidos.
Klatu's eCom application already calculates pricing on EXW, FCA, CIF, allowing resellers to offer their customers various terms of sale, ranging from EXW (Ex Works), representing the minimum obligation level to the Seller, to DDP (Delivered Duty Paid), representing the maximum.
companies to successfully use EXW, Incoterms 2010 includes 10 other terms along with some notable simplifications, and the general consensus is that they're an overall improvement over the last edition published a decade ago.
Therefore, if goods are shipped under the terms EXW (ex-works), the taxing jurisdiction could be identified as being the origin location and if they are shipped under DDP (delivered duty paid), they could be construed as a supply taking place in the destination location.
EXW (Ex works, named place) Seller's premises unloaded 2.
For INCO TERMS, try for EXW, as it represents the least obligation for the seller.