EZAEnterprise Zone Act
EZAEvangelische Zendings Alliantie (Dutch: Evangelical Alliance Mission; Netherlands)
EZAEntscheidungssammlung Zum Arbeitsrecht (German: Law Reports for Labor)
EZAExtraterritorial Zoning Authority (Santa Fe, NM)
EZAEmpowerment Zone Asset (tax incentive)
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Faithful worship attendance and a cappella singing before worship, EZA, Berlin, 7/3521[2], 57-58.
EZA, Berlin, 7/3521[2], 63-73; Oldenberg also met a remarkable young girl by the name of Gottlinde in Ortelsburg.
The addition of BridgeNews resources will considerably enhance EZA Text Advisory as an essential predictive financial research product for global asset management and trading in the Euro.
The combination of Eurozone Advisors and BridgeNews will draw on the established analytical expertise and experience of the EZA consultancy partnership and the network of senior BridgeNews correspondents in Europe.
We are pleased to join with EZA in this effort to provide more transparency to the asset management community on policy-making, economics and markets in the Euro zone," Tim Penn, BridgeNews Managing Editor for Europe, said.
Allan Saunderson, EZA Director of Monetary & Economic Research, said, "We at Eurozone Advisors are particularly delighted with the BRIDGE joint venture since it allows EZA not only to bring its unique brand of inside track consultancy on the Euro to the wider audience in the US, but to draw on the BridgeNews network of European senior correspondents.
EZA research comprises forward-looking predictive Euro financial market forecasts, formulated from primary discussions with policy-makers and uniquely combined with data research.
EZA combines the expertise of five senior economists and political and economic analysts, plus associates, located in different centers within 'Euroland' to provide a macro-policy advisory for Euro fixed income, currency and equities investment.
EZA combines this 'inside track' information with market analysis to predict policy decisions and the probable consequences for the economy and financial markets.
By appreciating the policy challenges facing Brussels, the ECB, and the individual governments, and by understanding the decision-makers themselves, EZA provides timely, unique knowledge to help clients achieve superior performance in global asset management and trading performance in the Euro.
50] EZA degerleri acisindan obez ve normal kilolu kontroller arasinda anlamli farklilik saptanmamistir.
2]max 2,25 [+ or -] 0,43 2,96 [+ or -] 0,38 (ml/kg/dk) ZVK (L) 2,80 [+ or -] 0,45 3,28 [+ or -] 0,53 ZEV1 (L) 2,35 [+ or -] 0,39 2,98 [+ or -] 0,48 ZEV1/ZVK 83,92 [+ or -] 5,10 91,13 [+ or -] 6,63 EZA (%) 69,40 [+ or -] 17,46 82,25 [+ or -] 24,63 [EOA.