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EZPASS[not an acronym] Pre-Paid, Electronic Toll Payment Method for Toll Roads and Bridges (NY/NJ/PA/DE/MD/ME/NH)
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Visitors to New Hampshire's seacoast this summer can look forward to much shorter lines at the 1-95 tolls in Hampton, with open-road tolling through the EZPass lanes set to begin sometime this June.
Currently, 375 McCarter Highway houses a diversified tenant base, including operations for EZPass, New Jersey School Construction Corporation, Concentra and the NJ Division of the Blind.
In the immediate future, developments such as the EZpass electronic toll collection system (used on many toll roads and bridges throughout the northeastern states) and license plate imaging greatly increase the opportunities for tolling at low cost.
Users of the Regional EZpass will no longer need transfers or to carry extra cash or purchase additional transit passes,'' said Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board Chairman Hal Bernson.
The council and O'Leary endorsed the changes, 5-1, along with a non-binding request that the Legislature give total authority on pricing for EZPass back to the council.
The Metropolitan Transit Authority is launching the new Regional EZpass, a $58 monthly pass that will be accepted for unlimited local travel on 12 municipal systems that together operate 386 bus lines.
Beginning this summer, people who ride buses, trains and subways of more than a dozen Los Angeles County transit operators will have the option of using a regional pass called EZpass.
Called EZpass, the monthly pass card will be honored by a dozen Southland transit companies, including the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.