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ECOTECEmissions Consumption Optimization Technology
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ECOTEC is a consulting company that offers a wide range of services surrounding issues of economic and social problems.
Faced with stiff competition we felt that the joint Darpar and Ecotec bid offered the freshest ideas.
0 litre Ecotec turbo, also installed in the Zafira GSi, Astra Coupe and Convertible, guarantees rapid performance.
Developed in conjunction with Lotus, it sports a lightweight aluminium chassis, mid-engine four-pot Ecotec all-alloy lump, composite body, a 0-60 time of less than six seconds and an all-out maximum of 140 mph.
The automaker is also investing USD185m to produce its new Ecotec small engine range.
EcoTec Engineers and Consultants lately introduced a fully automatic sewage treatment plant equipped with German technology.
8-liter EcoTec four cylinders, though the 125-hp 1.
0 16v Ecotec four-cylinder engine with its integral turbocharger.
General Motors Spring Hill powertrain plant today produced its 4-millionth Ecotec engine just two years after the 3-millionth engine was assembled.
In response, the chassis side rails were lowered, front air bags and ABS were fitted, GM's L850 Ecotec engine replaced the Rover unit, and a new assembly plant was erected.
Vauxhall's new midsize model will be launched as a four-door saloon and five-door hatchback with four-cylinder Ecotec petrol engines ranging in power from 124PS-147PS, and diesels producing 100PS-125PS.
The report, written by Ecotec Research and Consulting Ltd, looks at new data on the costs of running kerbside recycling schemes, which it compares with the estimated cost of environmental damage of failing to recycle.