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ECOWASEconomic Community Of West African States
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He, however, stressed the full commitment of Nigeria working with other ECOWAS member countries, towards finding a lasting solution to the problems.
The Republic of Liberia is a founding member of ECOWAS which expresses strong commitment to the principles of human rights and has established an Independent National Commission of Human Rights (INHCR), by an Act of the National Legislature in 2005.
For his part, Trade Minister Omar El-Behi expressed the wish to see trade between Tunisia and ECOWAS further developed to reach 10% of the country's overall trade over the next few years, against 1%, currently.
The Bamako meeting, which brings together representatives of the 15 ECOWAS member states' Central Banks, Ministries of Finance and National Offices of Statistics in charge of data management, is preceded by a four-day workshop of representatives of regional institutions (the West African Monetary Agency (WAMA), West African Monetary Institute (WAMI), ECOWAS and UEMOA Commissions), as well as resources persons.
The key test will probably be Ouattara's ability to push through initiatives designed to boost intra-regional trade, develop the ECOWAS transportation network and further increase energy cooperation.
The protocol was reached in 1982 but in 1992 Nigeria appointed NEXIM bank and the bank was supposed to have been given N500 million to kick-start the insurance policy for goods transiting the Nigeria corridor to the ECOWAS sub-region but, the ministry did not, so it is now that we make efforts to implement the policy and ensure that our own sector meets the international best practises and standards.
Accroding to a dispatch from the ECOWAS observation mission, voting was scheduled officially from 7am to 5 pm, and by 6.
Major areas of concern in the renewed cooperation include the resuscitation of the malaria eradication interventions in West Africa through the production of biolarvicides to cater for Member States, growth of bilateral trade between ECOWAS and Venezuela, enhancement of regional products for better value, implementation of training of 45 students from 15 Member States in the education scheme as well as monitoring of elections especially in the 22nd April, 2018 Venezuelan Presidential elections.
Morocco will also join ECOWAS as the second largest economy, after Nigeria.
He also noted the progress made in the ECOWAS Capital Markets Integration programme and confirmed his full support.