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EXTCExtended Consciousness
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I WAS pleased to see the replies to my letter about Billingham Forum (Envy Their Ecstacy, 18.
Five minutes into stoppage time Brown (left) fired past Reid to leave the home support in ecstacy.
Indigenous and non-indigenous youths used similar substances at similar frequencies, although non-indigenous detainees were significantly more likely to have used amphetamines and ecstacy.
Springfield police rarely find GHB and believe it is little-used by local teens because the city lacks the teen clubs where use of drugs such as GHB and Ecstacy are common, McCarthy said.
Leslie Moulden, of Fox Lea Walk, Seghill, Northumberland, was convicted at Newcastle Crown Court in December 2002 of conspiracy to supply ecstacy.
The danger for young teenagers,in particular, would be to experiment with cannabis as a dare and then move on to ecstacy,''he said.
It's like the sensitive part of Ecstacy where your skin is all tingly," says Tom, an animator who partakes on occasion.
As one of the sources for "The Agony and the Ecstacy," I wanted to thank you for a wonderful, objective article.
Data are presented on marijuana, ecstacy, cocaine/crack, methamphetamines, inhalants, heroin, LSD, GHB and ketamine, prescription drug abuse, alcohol and cigarette use, general attitudes toward illegal drugs, reasons for use, exposure, intervention/treatment, advertising, sources of information about drug risks, computer use, and discussions with parents.
Abstract: This paper interrogates the anxieties which crystallized in the summer of 2000 concerning the uses and abuses of ecstacy at local raves in Toronto, Ontario.