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EDDDoctor of Education (degree)
EDDEmployment Development Department (California)
EDDEconomic Development Department (various organizations)
EDDEvolutionary Database Design (software)
EDDElectronic Data Discovery (litigation evidence research)
EDDÉducation au Développement Durable (French: Education for Sustainable Development)
EDDEndothelium-Dependent Dilation
EDDEconomic Development District
EDDEarliest Due Date (packet scheduling)
EDDEstimated Delivery Date
EDDExpected Date of Delivery (obstetrics)
EDDEurope Dental Distribution (various locations)
EDDExplosive Detection Dog
EDDEnvironmental Due Diligence (commercial requirement)
EDDElectronic Data Deliverable(s)
EDDEarliest Due Date
EDDEnhanced Disk Drive
EDDExport Diagnostic Data
EDDElectronic Document Delivery
EDDEnd-Diastolic Dimension (cardiology)
EDDEurope of Democracies and Diversities
EDDEthernet Demarcation Device
EDDElement Definition Document
EDDEnhanced Due Diligence (regulatory requirements)
EDDEngagement dans le Développement Durable (French: Commitment to Sustainable Development)
EDDEarly Disease Detection
EDDEnterprise Development Division (Trinidad and Tobago)
EDDElectronic Document Distribution
EDDÉcole Doctorale de Dauphine (French: Graduate School of Dauphine; Paris Dauphine University; Paris, France)
EDDExplosive Detection Device
EDDEnterprise Data Distribution
EDDElectronic Digital Device
EDDEnforcement Decision Document
EDDElectronic Due Diligence
EDDEmotional Detachment Disorder (psychology)
EDDEnvelope Delay Distortion
EDDEastman Department of Dentistry (University of Rochester; New York)
EDDEuropean Database Directive (trade)
EDDExperimental Design Diagram
EDDError Diffusion Dithering (color quantization)
EDDEarliest Delivery Date
EDDEstimated Departure Date
EDDError Detecting Device
EDDExample Driven Design (software design)
EDDEducational Dollars for Duty (Florida)
EDDEnterprise Design Document
EDDElectron Dense Deposit
EDDExternal Design Document
EDDEarliest Date Due
EDDEnterprise Dictionary Database (Army Knowledge Online)
EDDEngineering for Design and Development
EDDEstimated Deployment Date
EDDEstimated Defect Density
EDDElectronic Distribution Delivery (EMC2)
EDDExtended Data Definition
EDDEquipment Degradation Document
EDDEnhanced Disc Drive
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Sample size estimation was based on a prevalence of EDD use of 3,5% which was obtained through a pilot study, a confidence interval of 95%, a power of 80% and a two-tailed test with a 5% significance level.
Edd is married to Liverpool burlesque dancer Millie Dollar and started training as a circus performer 10 years ago.
For more information about these groups, see the EDD information sheet DE63I (www.
I think I've raised around PS400 so far but my target is PS500," added Edd.
The NCW EDD is a federally designated economic development district for the North Central Washington region, serving Okanogan, Douglas and Chelan counties and the Colville Confederate Tribes.
Global Electronic Discovery & Disclosure Group (“Global EDD Group”) was founded with the vision of bridging the wide gap between domestic organizations and their growing national and international legal technology needs.
The camera allowed Edd to dramatically improve the quality of his research and discern the high-speed motions of cells and particles.
Julie Vasey helping herself to afternoon tea at Peels resturant in Hampton Manor with TV baking winner Edd Kinver
As there is obstruction of EDD poles, balance work will be completed after undergrounding/relocating of EDD works.
Next year Edd will be studying an Apprenticeship programme in Brickwork with Dudley College.
Toshiba, a leading Japanese electronics manufacturers, brought the case on Wednesday to the Dusseldorf Regional Court in Germany, seeking an injunction and arguing that EDD and Denny Holwerda, its managing director, are liable for damages resulting from the infringement of some of Toshiba's DVD patents.
However, litigants may be required to spend substantial monies on EDD even before litigation commences, raising an issue as to whether and when insurers will pay for EDD-related expenses.