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EDVElektronische Datenverarbeitung
EDVEnde Der Vernunft :-)
EDVEnd-Diastolic Volume
EDVEpidermodysplasia Verruciformis (skin disease)
EDVEvery Day Value (Macy's marketing
EDVEngeneic Delivery Vehicle (drug delivery)
EdVEnsemble de Valeur (blogring.net, secret society)
EDVElectronic Drawings Vault
EDVEmitter Descriptor Vector
EDVElectronic Diversity Visa Program (US State Department)
EDVElectron Drift Velocity (electricity and magnetism; physics)
EDVElectronische Dienstverlening (German: Electronic Services)
EDVEnterprise Desktop Virtualization (Wyse)
EDVEuropean Disaster Volunteers (UK)
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La EDV se presenta con mayor frecuencia en animales adultos (>7 anos), de razas pequenas como Poodle estandar y miniatura, Schnauzer, Pinscher, entre otras y mestizos menores de 15 kg.
EDV Packaging coextrudes and thermoforms the base material at its production plant in Barcelona and has designed a modern, exclusive container with a PP/EVOH/PP white structure.
Both organizations cite several factors in their decision, including the need for greater data security, and the plummeting cost of hard drives, making EDV an increasingly viable alternative.
Conclusion: When compared with patients without CAD, patients with CAD have a significantly smaller increase in EDV and a trend toward the same effect in CO and SV.
Contact EDV Packaging on tel: +34 938 427 000 or visit www.
HTBLA stands for 'Hohere Technische Bundeslehranstalt fur EDV und Maschinenbau/Automationstechnik', literally 'Higher technical federal college for computing and mechanical engineering including automation'.
EDV engine radiator coolant temperature can go up to 125aeC so a secondary cooling system is required.
It acquired the German-language search engine DINO-Online in April and now wants to float its business internet provider Topnet EDV und Datenkommunications AG.
With the demand for EDV separator material expected to rapidly exceed several hundred million square meters in five years, coupled with lithium separator material for consumer applications seeing double digit growth in China, AMS intends to deliver volume quantities of leading separator products for LIB manufacturers worldwide.
The Tailored-EDV trial is designed to hopefully expand the library of favorable data involving our EDV nanocell technology, while informing us of what indications and payloads are best to pursue in Phase 2 trials in the U.
However, since acquiring IDS Softwareentwicklungs und Softwarebetriebs AB, GISMA Gesellschaft fuer innovative Softwaremodule & Applikationen mbH and GISMA EDV System und Service mbH, (CI No 3,568) in January, it also has a platform for online securities brokerage.
Entrepreneurs see EDV as a trusted investment partner who shares their vision and helps them succeed by providing ongoing strategic guidance and access to a wealth of industry contacts.