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EDACError Detection And Correction
EDACEconomic Development Advisory Committee
EDACEconomic Developers Association of Canada
EDACEuropean Design Automation Conference
EDACElectronic Design Automation Companies (Industry Association)
EDACExotic Dancers' Association of Canada (now Exotic Dancers' Rights Association)
EDACEconomic Defense Advisory Committee (US Department of State)
EDACEquipment Distribution And Condition
EDACElectron Donor Acceptor Complex
EDACEat Dinner and Chill
EDACEastern Diocese of the Armenian Church
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org, or to join EDAC and receive the quarterly Market Statistics Service report, call 408-287-3322 or email mss15@edac.
Debbie Pendergrast would get the responsibility for formulating EDAC and MH business within Southern Europe.
EDAC realigned management of Apex earlier this year, resulting in a successful focus on increasing the number and size of customer orders and expanding the markets served.
Because the EDAC is based on routine blood values, it is more objective and "gives a physician something they are comfortable talking about.
To calculate the EDAC, the results of these laboratory tests are first entered into a spreadsheet, and then a simple statistical analysis is performed.
4 million and a grant of $10 million to help EDAC procure new machinery and equipment for its production plant in Cheshire.
EDAC said that this improvement was achieved even after including $450,000 of acquisition expense for EBTEC recorded in SG&A in the 2012 second quarter.
The Board of Directors of EDAC and CEDA have presented the Phil Kaufman Award annually since 1994.
Aerospace component supplier EDAC Technologies Corp.
EDA is a critical part of the semiconductor ecosystem and I look forward to working with the new and returning EDAC board members.
EDAC Technologies is a manufacturing company serving the aerospace and industrial markets.
EDAC members who have successfully completed the Algoma University College degree in community economic and social development, along with three years experience in the profession have satisfied EDAC's stringent professional development requirements and are eligible to write the Ec.