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EDDEEntsorgergemeinschaft der Deutschen Entsorgungswirtschaft (German: Management Community of the German Waste Management Association; Cologne, Germany)
EDDEEnd-Diastolic Doppler Effect (cardiology)
EDDEEnvironnement, Développement Durable et Énergie (French: Environment, Sustainability and Energy)
EDDEAerodrome Erfurt, Germany
EDDEEllipsoidal Dose Distribution Estimation (radiology)
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Born two years before the Lebanese Republic, Edde is related to the country's first president post independence, Bechara el-Khoury, through his mother, and former president Emile Edde through his father.
Anne-Marie Edde has produced a superlative, wide-ranging, and expert biography of Saladin, based on careful and skilful examination of the sources for both his life and the historical milieu in which he lived.
The use of social media in the workplace is controversial," said Edde.
While there are legitimate concerns about job creation in the Mena region, its governments certainly have the resource and, to a varying degree, an increasing sense of urgency to transform challenge into opportunity," said Edde.
CNME caught up for a quick chat with Christian Merz, director of Internet of Services, SAP Research Karlsruhe and Edde today to discuss the adoption and growth of sustainable business models in the MENA region.
SET amidst 100,000 sq m of spectacular Mediterranean seafront, Edde Sands Hotel & Wellness Resort is the ultimate year-round destination on Lebanon's coastline.
Also present were former Minister Hassan Mneimneh; former MP Elias Atallah; the coordinator of the March 14 General Secretariat Fares Souhaid; the president of the National Bloc Carlos Edde and the Lebanese Forces leader Eddy Abillama.
Abou Nassar is also the only comedian to perform and sell out shows in Lebanon's most exclusive theaters and venues, such as the Casino du Liban, Biel, Sky Bar, Edde Sands, B O18 Classic, Snatch and Hard Rock Cafe.
But it was Edde Howe's side who went on to dominate the second half to prompt a massive promotion party as their fans spilled on to the pitch at the end.
BIFF president Alice Edde said the festival s next task would be to convince Coppola to translate contemporary Lebanese history to the silver screen.
BIFF president Alice Edde said the festival's next task would be to convince Coppola to translate contemporary Lebanese history to the silver screen.