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EDOCEnterprise Distributed Object Computing
EDOCElectronic Distribution and Online Consulting
EDOCElectronic Document
EDOCEffective Date of Change
EDOCEffective Date of Contract
EDOCEstimated Date of Confinement (baby due date)
EDOCEmerald Dog Obedience Club, Inc. (est. 1958; Eugene, OR)
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For learning common people visual behaviors when they classify different objects and recording their eye-tracking data, we established an eye-tracking database, including six kinds of objects such as aeroplanes, bikes, cars, dogs, persons, and white cats, called EDOC database (eye-tracking database for objects classification) (Figure 3).
Edoc programme manager Chris Deed, said that the communications element of this project would be critical to its success.
If instead you store the critical data inside the electronic document, along with the "view" that the borrower sees and signs, and wrap the whole eDoc with a tamper-evident seal for security, you establish a powerful infrastructure for tracking and validating the loan data throughout the life of the loan.
Tenth International IEEE EDOC Conference (EDOC 2006).
This combination suggests that Galileo's alliances with EDOC and DMV may have had some influence on the invention (citrus being a rich source of flavonoids and lactoferrin being a dairy bioactive).
To complement a search in WPI, the experienced user might consider the EDOC file, with coverage back to 1877, or the PATOSDE file with coverage of German utility models (a distinct intellectual property right) back to 1968.
The enhanced database will significantly improve Questel's patent coverage which now includes WPIL (Derwent's World Patents Index), JAPIO (Japanese Unexamined Applications), PHARM (pharmaceutical patents), EDOC (European Patent Office documentation file), FPAT (French patents), IFIPAT and IFIUDB (U.
DocuSign's growth in customers is made possible by strong partners including Ackcelerant, Allied Solutions, BluePoint Solutions, CUNA Mutual Group, eDoc Innovations, Fiserv, MeridianLink, WyCom, and others that extend the use of DocuSign among credit unions across the industry.
BioVentures Spinoff Companies Acetaminophen Toxicity Diagnostics ContourMed AirToco CTEH Angel Eye Camera Systems eDoc America Balm Innovations Elder Stay At Home EZRA Innovations HD Nursing Naptime Academy InterveXion Therapeutics PhytoTek IRV(Veinviewef) RxResulls Mesolight Safe Foods Mitogeoe Signal Genetics Stage IDiagnostics Tocal Pharmaceuticals.
Other additions include Compu-Quote and compatibility with the Canadian eDoc XML.
eDOC Innovations has added the $103 million Lakeview Credit Union in Neenah, Wis.