EE2Ethinyl Estradiol (more commonly seen as EE)
EE2Empire Earth II (game)
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Tabela 1--Resultado da Analise Fatorial Confirmatoria Carga STD Erro CI1 <-- Cinismo 0,69 0,175 CI2 <-- Cinismo 0,86 0,213 CI3 <-- Cinismo 0,86 0,167 CI4 <-- Cinismo 0,69 EE1 <-- Exaustao 0,68 0,087 EE2 <-- Exaustao 0,70 0,086 EE3 <-- Exaustao 0,86 0,083 EE4 <-- Exaustao 0,78 0,091 EE5 <-- Exaustao 0,84 ET1 <-- Eficacia Trabalho 0,51 ET2 <-- Eficacia Trabalho 0,63 0,1 42 ET3 <-- Eficacia Trabalho 0,67 0,210 ET4 <-- Eficacia Trabalho 0,96 0,303 ET5 <-- Eficacia_Trabalho 0,52 0,128 T -Valor Sig Alpha CI1 7,671 *** CI2 9,028 *** 0,84 CI3 9,768 *** CI4 EE1 9,3 12 *** EE2 9,811 *** EE3 12,870 *** 0,84 EE4 11,351 *** EE5 ET1 ET2 8,3 92 *** ET3 6,251 *** 0,82 ET4 6,370 *** ET5 5,337 *** Fonte: Elaborado pelos autores.
Three liters collected from each station for EE2 analysis were treated with 5 mL methanol and 5 mL sulphuric acid.
Abbreviations: BSEP, bile salt export pump; EE2, 17[alpha]-ethenylestradiol; ES, estradiol benzoate; RT-PCR, reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction.
Para avaliar o dano muscular, assim como no presente estudo, foram analisados os indicadores de microlesoes: CK (antes e 48 horas apos o exercicio), ADM (antes, 2 e 60 minutos e 48 horas apos) e dor muscular (24 e 48 horas apos), foi usado o mesmo protocolo tanto para EE1 quanto para EE2.
UCSF researchers reviewed the literature on estrogen in water, and found that hormonal birth control contributes only a negligible amount of synthetic estrogen to waterways, and that the chemical EE2 is minimal or nonexistent in drinking water.
E1 EE2 constituye el principal ingrediente activo de la pildora anticonceptiva, utilizandose tambien ampliamente en las terapias de reemplazamiento estrogenico y en el tratamiento del cancer de pecho.
Kidd's team introduced ethynylestriadol (EE2) into a remote Ontario lake, maintaining a concentration (about 5 nanograms per liter) well within the range of EE2 concentrations observed in polluted surface waters.
The scientists found that oxygen-deprived tanks remove most of the E1 and E2 that enter them, while oxygenated tanks remove most of the EE2.
By 2002, Kutaragi said, SCE expects to have developed the EE2, which will incorporate 40 million transistors.
This layer did not always stain well, appearing as a sparsely filled space between EEl and EE2 after its formation.
0029 EE2 Where: GP24h is gas production after 24 h of incubation (ml gas/200 mg DM); CP is the crude protein (g/kg DM); and EE is the ether extract (g/kg DM).
Nominal test concentrations were highly consistent across the range tested, between 68 and 72% of nominals (specifically, for nominal EE2 exposure concentrations of 1, 2.