EFRORovaniemi (airport code; Finland)
EFROEuropees Fonds Regionale Ontwikkeling (Dutch: European Regional Development Fund)
EFROElectronic Failure Report Only
EFROEfficiency of Power Generation for Residential Use with Oil (Carolina Environmental Program)
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The power of immortality can exist through design, art and the latter, and I feel that I've done that through Efro & Co.
The trial is being conducted by Accumed Research Associates under the direction of Principal Investigator, Mitchell Efros.
Aesthetically and culturally in the ambit of the nineteenth-century American Romanticism" (78), the Indian epic poems by poets such as Silkiner, Efros, and Lisitzky are most interesting in that they were employed to explore and dramatize aspects of modern Jewish experience.
2003), mobile landmark identification, online photograph recommendation (Hays and Efros 2003; Li et al.
This volume presents the directorial theory of Russian theater director Anatoly Efros (1925-1987), famed for his work with the Central Children's Theater in Moscow and the Malaya Bronnaya Theater.
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3]N nano-crystallite size is of the order of the Bohr exciton radius, then it corresponds to intermediate confinement regime of the Efros et al.
Even in his supposed "original" dramas, such as Mirele Efros (1898), God, Man, and Devil (1900), Kreytzer Sonata (1902), and Without a Home (1907), traces of Tolstoy, Gorky, and Ibsen are readily apparent.
82), as presented by Gorodetsky and Titov ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 2008); Stolbov and Efros ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 2008).
Cuan ingenuas parecen las propuestas del teatro Taganka del director Liubimov, a una distancia de treinta anos, y cuan vigentes los analisis de Anatoly Efros, que trabajo en el mismo teatro.