EGNAEquilibrium-Gated Nuclear Angiography
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Den ligger, som den i Dikter af denna art maste, egentligen i Skaldens egna kansla, i hans uppfattande och behandling af amnet, den ar, med ett ord, lyrisk.
Calder, 34, now plays under former Newcastle coach Rob Wilson in the second division of Italian ice hockey for Neumarkt/ Egna.
on the list of the so called egna ord 'personal words' (or egenpahittade ord 'personally invented words') in 2007 one can find the verb albumera meaning 'to put photos into an album' or arkitektera 'to draw a house', forsviken < forbannad 'cursed' + besviken 'disappointed', messianska--sms--skriftspraket 'SMS-written language', mala, e-mina, e-male--mejla, mejl 'to mail, e-mail' etc.
Fish farming is a widespread activity that shows growing tendencies, and its importance seems to increase even more in the future along with human population increase and decline of wild fish stocks (Meske, 1985; Egna & Boyd, 1997).
In: Egna H, Goetze B, Burke D, McNamara M, Clair D.
1) Egna Avendano Cardenas Graduated in International Relations and member of the research seedbed of the Faculty of Management and Business.
Jim carries his beloved Egna under his arm to the aptly-named Game Cock and pops her on the bar where she sips from a pint of shandy.