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EIAOEuropean Internet Accessibility Observatory (project based in Norway to benchmark accessibility of European web-sites)
EIAOEnseignement Intelligemment Assisté par Ordinateur (French: Intelligent Computer-Aided Instruction)
EIAOEnforcement, Investigations and Analysis Officer (USDA)
EIAOEuropean Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy
EIAOEnvironmental Impact Assessment Ordnance
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Relevant legislation of Hong Kong, including the EIAO and the Town Planning Ordinance, must also be observed when performing works such as site formation.
There are a few problems with the EIAO process that make pursuing
and agencies, entities that are rarely penalized for EIAO breaches.
The EIAO project also undertook a survey of stakeholders to establish the need for the proposed European Internet Accessibility Observatory (see Craven & Snaprud, 2005).
1991) Contribution de la didactique et de l'epistemologie aux recherches en EIAO.
The EIAO observed that results from the establishments third party testing laboratory indicated that water samples collected at the establishment on Feb.