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EICONEmployers Insurance Company of Nevada
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Eicon Networks has been designing, manufacturing and marketing leading brands of communications products since 1984.
The Danish IT company i-data international a-s has made a cash offer of CAD5 per share for all shares in the Canadian company Eicon Technology Corporation.
The Eicon Solution Provider-Aviva program allows for collaborative efforts between Eicon and its partners for meeting customer demands, whether by adding value in an established product offering by either partner, or through full integration of different products, whichever best meets the end requirement.
This flexibility will enable Eicon to develop solutions that address the differing connectivity options and market requirements around the world.
The true strength of the Eicon host access offering is that it is a complete, no-compromise family that includes a full-function client, a feature-rich Java client -- Aviva for Java 2.
Dialogic, Eicon Networks, and Eicon, are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Dialogic Corporation or its subsidiaries.
Eicon executives have signed memorandums of understanding with the Beijing and Shanghai Telecom Companies of the People's Republic of China at the general meeting of the Canada China Business Council in the People's Republic of China (PRC).
As a former value added distributor for both Eicon and Intel communication technologies, we are encouraged to see the immediate benefit of the combined product lines that Dialogic has delivered," states Josef Bressner for Bressner Technology GmbH.
Eicon also announced that it would be proceeding to change its name to Dialogic Corporation ("Dialogic") as it swiftly moves to merge the two businesses into one.
The acquisition is expected to allow Eicon to become a leading player in the media processing and signaling market segment.
In addition to the Diva Server communications adapter, Eicon will be showcasing Diva Server SoftIP.