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EVIExtended Visual Information
EVIEnhanced Vegetation Index
EVIEncoded-Vector Index
EVIEnvironmental Vulnerability Index (South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission)
EVIElectronic Vehicle Identification
EVIEigenVector (Approach for Blind System) Identification
EVIEmergency Vehicles, Inc. (Lake Park, FL)
EVIEnviroStar, Inc. (Miami, FL)
EVIEuropean Vision Institute (Belgium)
EVIElectric Valve Instrument
EVIEcoVentures International (Washington, DC)
EVIExplosive, Very Insensitive
EVIEducating Voices, Inc. (anti-drug group; Naperville, IL)
EVIEvacuate Immediately
EVIExtremely Vulnerable Individual
EVIEmployee Value Index
EVIExploits Valley Intermediate (school; Canada)
EVIEbbw Vale Institute (UK)
EVIElectric Vehicle Institute (Bowling Green State University; Bowling Green, Ohio)
EVIEx-Volunteers International (UK)
EVIEconomic Value Increase
EVIÉbénisterie Visitation Inc. (French; Canadian cabinet company)
EVIEuropean Vaccine Initiative (formerly European Malaria Vaccine Initiative)
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5) of population compare the frequencies and eigenvector proposed by GA and PSO using FEM and given in study structure; Until (termination criteria) damage detection and localization; End
Sort the columns of the eigenvector matrix V and eigenvalue matrix D in order of decreasing eigenvalue.
With reference to the MCA section, the eigenvector information from the initial design is used to estimate the eigenvectors for any modified design constructing a basis as in Equation (14).
A decreasing order of eigenvalues and corresponding columns in eigenvector matrix is needed to define principal components (Jolliffe, 2002):
Eigen countenances are a situated of eigenvectors utilized as a part of the PC Vision issue of human face acknowledgment.
If the MAC value is greater than a cutoff value, eliminate the corresponding eigenvector from the basis.
max](A) is denoted to be the maximum eigenvector of the matrix A.
2] operations), 3 scalar products (6n operations), and the determination of the largest eigenvalue and corresponding eigenvector of a matrix Q([[sigma].
Since the algebraic multiplicity of nonzero eigenvalues of a compact operator is finite, each eigenvector of A - [lambda]I may have only a finite number of linear independent associated vectors.
Gephi, an open-source network analysis and visualization software package, is used to develop a citation network in order to determine the eigenvector centrality scores of Black Studies journals.
Calculate the eigenvalue, eigenvector of R and choose the eigenvectors eigenvalues greater than 1 (Kaiser Principle), (Table 4).