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EVIExtended Visual Information
EVIEnhanced Vegetation Index
EVIEncoded-Vector Index
EVIEnvironmental Vulnerability Index (South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission)
EVIElectronic Vehicle Identification
EVIEigenVector (Approach for Blind System) Identification
EVIEmergency Vehicles, Inc. (Lake Park, FL)
EVIEnviroStar, Inc. (Miami, FL)
EVIEuropean Vision Institute (Belgium)
EVIElectric Valve Instrument
EVIEcoVentures International (Washington, DC)
EVIExplosive, Very Insensitive
EVIEducating Voices, Inc. (anti-drug group; Naperville, IL)
EVIEvacuate Immediately
EVIExtremely Vulnerable Individual
EVIEmployee Value Index
EVIExploits Valley Intermediate (school; Canada)
EVIEbbw Vale Institute (UK)
EVIElectric Vehicle Institute (Bowling Green State University; Bowling Green, Ohio)
EVIEx-Volunteers International (UK)
EVIEconomic Value Increase
EVIÉbénisterie Visitation Inc. (French; Canadian cabinet company)
EVIEuropean Vaccine Initiative (formerly European Malaria Vaccine Initiative)
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Since the analytic form of the Poincare map is not known, we used an iterative graphical method to obtain the exact location of the fixed point and the associated eigenvectors.
Regrettably, these resources are not eigenvector based.
degree, betweenness, closeness, eigenvector, pagerank and clustering coefficient respectively and i varies from 1 to 74 which refers ROIs in the brain.
For example, approximations to eigenvectors corresponding to critical eigenvalues are readily available from analytic considerations.
Sequential computations of eigenvectors do not allow to make global analysis of the data thus it is impossible for now to create eigen-space where spectral clustering is performed.
In this section we show that it is possible to obtain the eigenvalues of M and coefficients of decomposition of vectors b and c in bases of eigenvectors of matrices M and M*, respectively, from independently known values r(k).
The local orientation is given by the angle between the eigenvector with eigenvalue [lambda]1 and a reference vector.
9 Table 2 Eigenvectors determined from the principal components analysis (PCA) for the monthly oceanographic variables ([sub.
L has a simple and strictly dominant eigenvalue [lambda] (necessarily positive), with associated right and left eigenvectors v and w, respectively.
First, introduce the Green's tensor and take its Fourier transform in time and space; then, expand the transformed Green's tensor according to the eigenvector of the Christoffel matrix, and decompose the fields into downgoing waves and upgoing waves; third, use boundary conditions to interatively get the solution in the transform domain in a form of "generalized ray" series; finally, use the Willis inversion technique to get the solution.
2010), proposed the Power Iteration Clustering (PIC) algorithm which finds only one pseudo-eigenvector, a linear combination of the eigenvectors in linear time.
Our eigenvector routines would be useful to anyone who wants a complete set of eigenvectors that is orthonormal to working precision and is not concerned with the high computational cost.