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Every Monday morning, there it is, the blank paper that represents the seven comic strips that need to be created," Eliot said in the news release.
Like Lessing before him, Eliot believed that without a strong critical tradition there could be no continuity and ultimately no great literature.
Eliot Fisk still sees plenty of beauty, power and interest in Rodrigo's ``Concierto de Aranjuez,'' the guitar-and-orchestra work he performs tonight through Sunday with the Los Angeles Philharmonic.
Perhaps more importantly, in selecting Eliot as something of a latter-day counterpart to Burke--certainly as a figure more substantial than Santayana and one still living at the time of his writing--Kirk was looking ahead, beyond the tradition of thought he had surveyed, to identify possible models and resources for cultivating the "Conservatives' Promise," as he titled his concluding chapter.
The event took place at the newly landscaped area around the obelisk in the George Eliot Memorial Gardens.
Reading Eliot as a great poet responding to another great poet across centuries of literature and historical experience, all of it signalled by a provocatively despairing five-word opening line: what's gone wrong, to make someone regard the beginning of a fresh season of new life as the cruellest possible time of the year?
Eliot (1888-1965), become the greatest American-born poet of the 20th century.
Chair of the judging panel, Ian Duhig, formally announced Morrissey as this year's the winner at the T S Eliot Prize Award Ceremony in the Courtyard of the Wallace Collection on 13 January 2014.
As his Eliot Smith Dance Company settles into the Blackfriars Hall in New Bridge Street, opposite the Tanner's Arms at the edge of Newcastle's Ouseburn, dance classes for adults and young people are being relaunched this week and Eliot is in the middle of making big plans, including for a gala performance of three of his works next month.
Due to the fast growth of the company, Eliot decided it was time to find a home for the company to rehearse and establish public dance classes and they ended up at Warkworth Memorial Hall.
A key thematic strand in Fleishman's text is the notion of Eliot as "tragically idealistic" (x); indeed he claims that she is "the first tragic novelist" (9), and I take this to be a motif that keeps recurring in the book, drawing progressively richer resonance as we read.
In lockstep with Yeats and Wordsworth, Eliot parrots this concept in his poem "A Note on War Poetry," a stance that, again, spurns the war poets' approach: