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The charitable partnership organizations were chosen through the CB Richard Ellis Foundation according to several criteria, including opportunity for various forms of volunteerism and donation, and alignment with CB Richard Ellis goals and objectives.
But as Nucor Yamato's demand for scrap increased, Ellis had to find ways to shift his unloading operation into a higher gear.
That said, however, let's hope Ellis has gotten the me-me-me-ism out of his writing for a while.
In 2004, Ellis, who owns salons in Dallas and Laurel, Maryland, added educating and supplying to her hair-weaving skill set with the launch of the Marcella Ellis Collection, her signature line of human hair.
Indeed, those who passed through Ellis Island, which was closed down 50 years ago this month, went on to become some of this country's leading figures, including Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter (from Austria), actors Bob Hope (England) and Rudolph Valentino (Italy), and helicopter inventor Igor Sikorsky (Russia).
Although Ellis ultimately rejects most of their conclusions, he agrees with their assessment of the Holocaust as an event of profound theological significance.
He's the best fly-fisherman I've had on my boat,'' said Ellis.
In a recent article in Harper's Bazaar, Bret Easton Ellis looked back on his original American Psycho experience and revealed that the novel was his response to the stranglehold that political correctness had on late-'80s culture, which "may have nudged me into exploring the repressed, darker side of Patrick Bateman to an even more gruesome degree than I initially thought when I began the book.
Ellis examines how egalitarianism turned "illiberal" in three periods of American history: the 19th and early 20th centuries (radical abolitionists, utopian communities, elitist democratic disdain for common lives); the 1960s (Students for a Democratic Society and the New Left in general); and the 1980s and '90s (radical feminism and radical environmentalism).
Parlux said it believes that the new Perry Ellis line of fragrances and its existing fragrance and personal care product line will benefit from management and manufacturing synergy as well as the complete integration of the Perry Ellis fragrances into Parlux's existing global distribution network.
By applying this expertise to the ELLIS solutions, we've created comprehensive solutions that will help teachers quickly move English language learners of every age toward English language proficiency.
Mary Ann Tighe of CB Richard Ellis talks with REBNY President Steven Spinola.