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That's why every year, the Ellison Medical Foundation awards a total of $40 million in four-year grants to 25 New Scholars and 25 Senior Scholars for basic research on the biology of aging.
In July 2008, Deb received a New Scholar Award in Aging from the Ellison Medical Foundation for his investigation into the role of cardiac stem cells in the biology of aging of the adult heart.
The Ellison Medical Foundation, the Greenwall Foundation, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute will fund the committee.
The Ellison Medical Foundation, the Grass Foundation, and the Burroughs Wellcome Fund all provided renewed support for MBL's advanced courses in biology and biomedicine.
Additional funding for expanded research came from National Institutes of Health, the Ellison Medical Foundation, the DFG/German Ministry of Science Excellence Cluster, the Austrian Science Fund and the Max Kade Foundation.
The Ellison Medical Foundation is the largest private funder of research on aging and the second largest overall funder--second only to the federal government's National Institute on Aging.
The study was funded by the Ellison Medical Foundation, National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.
The Ellison Medical Foundation awarded $282,670 for continuing support of the Molecular Biology of Aging Colloquium for the period 2002 through 2004.
The research was supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health, the Ellison Medical Foundation and the Larry L.
The Ellison Medical Foundation, I believe, has striven to break the NIH mode of requiring extensive preliminary data and really encourages people to even go outside their fields or to bring people who have not worked in aging to begin to apply what they know in other fields to the problem of aging," says Campisi, who studies the relationship between cancer and aging.
In 2001, the Marine Biological Laboratory received a grant of nearly $5 million from the Ellison Medical Foundation of Bethesda, Maryland, to establish a new interdisciplinary Program in Molecular Pathogenesis and Global Infectious Diseases.
The work was supported in part by National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants and a Senior Scholar Award in Aging Research from the Ellison Medical Foundation.