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ELULEnvironmental and Land Use Law
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Currently the ELULS is focusing on updating our website and on making our CLEs a success.
The second issue is that the other study to use the PSID, Elul and Subramanian (2002), use a different empirical specification for income and find different results.
See Yehudah Buchalter's letter in Hazefirah 15[170] (6 Elul, 5648 [1888]): 2.
We are looking forward to working closely with Bezeq International to enable flexible and agile IT services," said Yoram Elul, BMC's regional manager for Israel and Turkey.
Ganatra B and Elul B, Legal but not always safe three decades of a liberal abortion policy in India, Gaceta Medica de Mexico, 2003, 139(Suppl.
The ELUL Section has nearly 2,000 members, including approximately 100 nonlawyer affiliate members (primarily environmental consultants, land use planners, or soon to be law graduates).
The 18th day of the Hebrew month of Elul, marks the founding of the Chassidic movement and the birthday of two great Chassidic Torah luminaries.
Mundle, Shuchita, Batya Elul, Abhijeet Anand, Shveta Kalyanwala, and Suresh Ughade.
The innerActive solution provides Jamster flexible capabilities for dynamically delivering in-content and contextual multimedia advertisement," said Ziv Elul, VP Marketing and Strategic Alliances at innerActive.
It got so many requests that the discs were gone in six months, leading to a second pressing, a booklet celebrating Elul, the month before Rosh Hashanah, and an entirely new way of marketing the 50-year-old cemetery.
Some of these analyses--notably Gropp, Scholz, and White (1997); Elul and Subramanian (2002); and Grant (2003)--cleverly exploit the near-natural experiments provided by interstate variation in bankruptcy law.
In particular, whether differences in states' bankruptcy exemption levels affect aggregate household credit (both secured and unsecured) has been studied by Gropp, Scholz, and White (1997); Berkowitz and Hynes (1999); Lin and White (2001); Fay, Hurst, and White (2002); Agarwal, Liu, and Mielnicki (2003); Berkowitz and White (2003); Chomsisengphet and Elul (2004); and White (2003).