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ELVISEducational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (National Instruments)
ELVISElectronic Visa Information System (US Customs)
ELVISEPoS-Linked Virgin Information System
ELVISEnhanced Linked Virtual Information System
ELVISExport Licensing Via the Internet System
ELVISExport Licensing Voice Information System
ELVISElectronic Vendor Invoicing System
ELVISElectromagnetic Very Weak Instabilities Saturated
ELVISEnterprise-Level Visibility
ELVISEast Large Vehicle Inspection Site (Ramstein Air Base, Germany)
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Elvis, who died in 1977, had his name and likeness trademarked by Elvis Presley Enterprises, who earn millions of dollars through a licensing programme that grants the right to manufacture and sell Elvis merchandise worldwide.
Elvis' former tour manager Charles Stone with Elvis Festival artist Sara Dix of Porthcawl in 2007
THE CLUB: Members of the Elvis Presley Fan Club of Qatar.
Moran and other Elvis fans have spent years collecting evidence they say proves the King is not dead.
Elvis is eating a hamburger at Chenault's Drive-in, Elvis is eating
St Elvis is a small parish in |Pembrokeshire named after the Irish bishop St Ailbe, also known as Elvis of Munster, who died in 528.
Then throughout the weekend impersonators will be battling it out for the top honour of European Elvis Champion with the winner crowned on Sunday.
Sam Thompson said: "The thing I cherish the most are the quiet times, the times that we would sit upstairs and talk all night long - the times when he really wasn't Elvis Presley the icon, or the rock and roll singer, he was just Elvis Presley.
Many of the same fans that attended the Last Vegas Elvis Fest will travel to Memphis this august to attend Doc Franklin's Original Images of the King Elvis Tribute Artist Contest and Showcase which will be held from the eleventh through the sixteenth.
Everyone knows an Elvis song and everyone knows who he was.
Gene, who lives in LA, said: "I was never allowed to meet Elvis.
And every aspect of his incredible career is explored in Elvis Rocks, which comes to Rhyl Pavilion next week.