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EMCONEmission Control
EMCONEmanation Control
EMCONEmitter Controlled (Diodes)
EMCONElectromagnetic Emission Control
EMCONEmergency Condition
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Hair-thread tourniquet syndrome is an emergency condition rarely encountered since its first description in Lancet in 1832, and it may be potentially dangerous unless treated.
The rules shall also be sorted out to address "adverse material effect in the supply of electricity" as well as "market processes" due to occurrence of specified emergency conditions and system disturbances.
According to sources, Huma suffered a cardiac arrest and slipped to emergency condition while on board, following which the Pakistani doctors accompanying her suggested to admit Huma to a hospital.
The hospital was among 77 hospitals in California and 527 nationwide that were found in violation of a law that prohibits hospitals from denying medical screening or stabilizing treatment or from improperly transferring a patient whose emergency condition is not stable.
He said that the purpose of conducting such mock exercises was to keep the rescuers and volunteers alert by imparting training to avoid from major loss during emergency condition.
The exercises also focused on use of latest weapons, maintaining coordination, cooperation and knowledge of some other important skills which could help countering any emergency condition in wake of on-going circumstance, said the release.
The activist said voluntary blood donation culture will also help country to acquire safe blood for any emergency condition.
Tenders are invited for Bhusawal- Supplying Potable Water To Bhusawal Station In Emergency Condition For Year 15-16 (Zbb-2015-16)
Contract notice: Framework Agreement Multi Beneficiaries To Achieve Assistance Missions Of Services, Support, Consulting And Strategic Nature Expertise In The Fields Of Competence Of The Directorate General For Enterprise Mobilized In Emergency Conditions Or High Reactivity Requirements.
SCHEDULE: In FY 2016 a generator will be installed at the Glendale Water Treatment Plant to allow continued plant production at some defined level under emergency conditions.
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