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ECCSEuropean Convention for Constructional Steelwork (various organizations)
ECCSEmergency Core Cooling System
ECCSExtreme Conventional Combustion System
ECCSElectronically Concentrated Control System
ECCSElectrical, Communications and Cyber Systems (US NSF)
ECCSEuropean Conference on Complex Systems
ECCSElite Cruise Counselor Scholar (travel)
ECCSÉlectricité Chauffage Cuisine Sanitaire (French: Electricity Heating Kitchen Sanitation)
ECCSFundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences (Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers)
ECCSExpeditionary Command and Control Suite (US Marine Corps)
ECCSElectrolytic Chrome-Coated Steel
ECCSEKMR (Extended Karnaugh Map Representation) Compressed Column Storage
ECCSEmergency Contamination Control Station
ECCSElectro-Coated Chromium Steel
ECCSEngineer Command and Control System
ECCSElectronic Check Clearing System
ECCSEnterprise and Customer Connection Services (Sprint)
ECCSEnvironmentally-Conscious Corporate Strategy
ECCSEmotional Content and Cooperation Score
ECCSEvangelical Covenant Church of Sudan
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Tenders are invited for Inspection, Cleaning And Video Grapy Including Recording Of Emergency Core Cooling System Recirculating Pumps Suction Strainer 2 Nos, Located Under Water At Depth Of Two And Half Mtr In Suppression Pool In Reactor Building In Radiation Area
According to the agency and Kansai Electric, the pressure inside the accumulator in the reactor's emergency core cooling system temporarily fell on Friday night, setting off an alarm.
According to the lab, jobs to be done include design modifications to the Advanced Test Reactor's emergency core cooling system and the reactor's emergency power supply.
The external power supply was then shut down, disabling the emergency core cooling system from injecting water at 4:36 p.
Once the reactors automatically shut down following the quake and if normal electrical power supplies are cut off, diesel generators are supposed to kick in to power an emergency core cooling system to prevent meltdown of the nuclear reactor.
The company said the alarm light indicating the conditions of the pipe valve for the emergency core cooling system did not function properly.
A pump that comprises the emergency core cooling system failed on the evening of May 11, the day before the regular inspection by government officials.
Natural circulation, coolant flow residual heat removal, and emergency core cooling systems powered by natural forces--gravity.
Mixed reports about the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant confirm that emergency battery power is being used to keep the plant's emergency core cooling systems running.
The World Nuclear Association said pressure inside reactor 1 had been steadily increasing because the emergency core cooling systems had not been active.
The earthquake and tsunami apparently caused damage to the emergency core cooling systems at reactors 1, 2, and 4, while reactor 3 was apparently able to shut down without problems.
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