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EHLEcole Hoteliere de Lausanne (Swiss hotel school)
EHLEuro Hockey League
EHLElastohydrodynamic Lubrication
EHLEastern Hockey League
EHLEqual Housing Lender
EHLExtensor Hallucis Longus (muscle)
EHLExploring Humanitarian Law
EHLEntente des Hôpitaux Luxembourgeois (French: Luxembourg Hospitals Agreement)
EHLElectrohydraulic Lithotripsy
EHLEastern Holdings, Ltd. (Singapore)
EHLEnglish Home Language (South Africa; education)
EHLÉcole à l'Hôpital du Loiret (French: Hospital School of Loiret; Loiret, France)
EHLEsso Higlands Limited (Exxon Mobil Corporation)
EHLErste Hilfe Lehrgang (German: First Aid Course)
EHLEmergency Help Line
EHLElectronic Help Line
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He said the police provided help to 13 citizens while responding to calls received through emergency help line number 1124.
He said an emergency Help Line 051-9269200, had also been introduced for facilitating the tourists.
He said an emergency Help Line 0519269200, had also been introduced for facilitating the tourists.
According to press release, Pakistan Embassy and Consulate General in Istanbul immediately established two Emergency Help Lines and deputed a team of officers at the Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul.
Crank calls, the centric issue of the day, enormous types witnessed in this regard, some pranks being played with any random cell number, while most target police emergency 15 or 1122 particularly in Punjab, most of the callers were being noted are girls, who dialed for gossip with the operators of those emergency help lines.
A spokesman for the Indian High Commission in Nicosia told the Cyprus Mail that the emergency help lines would be operational for the foreseeable future.
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