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EHUEuskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (Leioa Biscay, Spain)
EHUExternal Hostile Unstructured
EHUEuropean Humanities University (Lithuania)
EHUEnvironmental Health Unit (Victoria, Australia)
EHUElectric Hook-Up (camping and caravaning)
EHUElectro-Hydraulic Umbilical
EHUEmergency Housing Unit
EHUElk Hunting Unit (Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources)
EHUEuskara Hezkuntza Unibertsitatea (Basque: University of the Basque Country; Spain)
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In those years there were fewer than 3000 emergency housing units available in the camps, and they were full to capacity.
said July 27 it has begun transporting emergency housing units for Steel Elements International, LLC to homeless families in Haiti.
In the past three years, ShelterCare has been forced to convert 12 emergency housing units to long-term housing because funding is declining for emergency shelter, while long-term housing produces income from nominal rental fees.
Five tenders for conducting the required (a) maintenance and revamping of Al Hana Resort, (b) maintenance of lavatories and showers at public beaches, (c) furnishing of a warehouse at the City Council, (d) maintenance of some local municipalities' buildings, also (e) maintenance and revamping of 24 emergency housing units at El Zeitoun District.
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